Families Moving Forward

Sometimes an illness, the loss of a job or car, or a family emergency is all it takes for a family with children to become homeless. Currently, in our SW Metro area there is a total lack of shelters who will take these local families. Families Moving Forward (FMF) is a collaboration of churches in the SW Metro that have banded together in response to this need, housing up to 4 families with children at a time, as they receive supportive services and regain stability. Shepherd of the Lake is a founding member of this ministry, and hosts families 4 time/year in our own church builiding, for one week at a time, and rotating through other churches throughout the year. It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun, and extremely rewarding!

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During all shifts except overnight hours, a lead volunteer will be present to assist you. (Overnight volunteers go through a one-time training ahead of time).  A few days before we host, we will email all volunteers details about the guests we will be hosting (meal counts, ages and genders of children, food restrictions, etc.).  

You may also email us with your questions at any time:  fmfsollc@gmail.com.

What does the FMF Team do?
We set-up rooms, play games, provided food for, talk with, host overnight, and generally do our best to show hospitality and love to the kids and parents who stay with us. There are lots of different roles and ways to be a part of this important ministry, and we're sure there's something for you! Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church (SOLLC) hosts families throughout the year, so look for upcoming opportunities.

Learn about the Leadership Roles that FMF rolling:
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Visit: http://www.beaconinterfaith.org/what-we-do/families-moving-forward to Learn More!

Thank you for participating!