Radiance: Empowering & Educating Together

Empowering and educating girls to know who they are and help them become who they want to be. This is a one-day workshop for 5th and 6th grade girls. Prior year attendees will have a new experience. Previous years' workshops on body image, bullying, peer pressure, puberty, dance, yoga, art therapy, and prayer. Snack and lunch provided.

Below is a little bit about the wonderful women who will be working with the participants throughout the day:

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Lauren Wilvers is a Family and Consumer Science teacher (modern day Home Economics) whose areas of expertise are independent living, health, and child development.  She has taught puberty and sexual education for the last five years.  Lauren is most looking forward to having real conversations about how to develop honest and lasting friendships, and getting in-depth about female development in the Radiance Retreat.  

Kelly Larson has attended SOLLC since 2004 and has been actively involved in Sunday School and Living Water groups with her two daughters, aged 17 and 13. She also leads the Stretch & Pray sessions on Tuesday nights. Kelly is founder and owner of Yoga 4 You in Savage and is certified in teaching Christian yoga. She thoroughly enjoys introducing the benefits of this practice to those of all ages & abilities. From encouraging positive body image to building self esteem and learning how to relax—yoga is a wonderful tool to combat the stress and anxiety so many young girls battle with these days.  It is also a fantastic way to learn how to let go of all the distractions of the world be present in the moment. She is more than excited to be a part of the Radiance Retreat and share this practice with a new group of young women!

Karolina Stark graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with degrees in Religion and Dance Honors. While at Gustavus she had the opportunity to choreograph and perform as a member of the Gustavus Dance Company in concerts and Christmas in Christ Chapel. Sacred dance continues to be her passion, exploring the intersection of faith and movement, which became her inspiration for forming her own sacred dance company, Grace Upon Grace.  Karolina strives to integrate movement into worship services by embodying God’s everlasting promises of love, joy and grace to all of us as well as to share the joy of dance with people of all ages and abilities. She is excited to explore with Radiance participants the freedom found in movement when the focus changes from performance to prayer.

Pastor Karen Treat is honored to be part of the Radiance Retreat.  She has four children, two girls (now young women) and two boys (now getting to be young men).  Her desire, as a mom, was that her girls would be happy and strong and her boys would love the women in their lives who are also happy and strong.  She hopes that with Radiance, the girls who experience the retreat will leave feeling loved, both by God and themselves and with that, they will be happy and strong.