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PrayerCare - 

Healing & Support
Annalise Gulstad, daughter of Brad & Ann Gulstad
Jim Stahl, friend of Jean Trefethen
Jacob Lorbach, nephew of Erin and Jon Penne
Vera Snide, cousin of Fritz Ehlers
Milo Wehking, father of Patty (Tom) Tosney
Leah Gustafson, friend of Tom Patty Tosney
George Workman, cousin of Linda Finn
Paul Larson
Jo Arndt
Shirley Brachmann
Debi Henry
Sarah Daniels
Willie Kalal, father of Michelle (Nathan) Pease
Paul Bjorklund, father of Barb (Tim) O'Connor, grandfather of Paul and Kyle O'Connor
Wayne Mielke 
Jean Trefethen
Jakob Kakish, nephew of Raed Kakish & Joshua Lindgren
Zandra Jezior, granddaughter of Maxine Taxdahl
Alex Schlink
Doris Rathman
Sam Lee, great nephew of Mark (Shelle) Prairie
Janice Hedlund

Family and Friends of Joyce Andrews, upon her death
Ken Ambroz and family, upon the death of his wife, Lynette Ambroz
Family of Todd and Kelly Forrester, upon the death of Todd’s grandmother Florence Sandgren
Family of Lois Leutz, including daughter, Carol Mavis, upon Lois' death
Family of Lorraine Karkela, upon her death
Rev. Diana and Russell Hunstad and family upon the death of Rev. Hunstad's mother, Bernice Emma Hulda (Borchardt) Krueger
Tami & Myron Buer and family, upon the death of Tami’s father David Bond

World and Regional Concerns
O God, our refuge and strength, kindle in our hearts the love of peace, and guide with your wisdom the leaders of nations, so people may know the fullness of your love and live together in peace and harmony.

We pray for the children of the world, that they may grow up knowing love and security.

We pray that people learn to care for the earth so that it may continue, as God willed, to be a source of life for the entire human family.

We pray for the men and women in our armed forces, that you would keep them in your care.

Inspire us to share our goods with our neighbors around the world suffering from lack of food, clothing, and shelter.

And we especially lift up for your care the victims of the earthquake in Nepal, victims of war, oppression, prejudice, violence, and hatred – in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, North Korea, countries in Africa, and elsewhere. 

Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Amen.