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PrayerCare - November 20

Healing & Support
Lucy Wolstenholm, granddaughter of Verne & Shirley Wolstenholm
Lisa Rentschler
Jakob Kakish, nephew of Raed Kakish and Joshua Lindgren
Pastor Diana Hunstad
Ken Brachmann
Chuck Busse, brother-in-law of Pam Busde
Zandra Jezior, granddaughter of Maxine Taxdahl
Shirley Discher
Greg and Kristy Dueffert family, nephew of Gwen Olson
Alice Maung-Mercurio
Don Boyer, brother of Dale (Stacy) Boyer
Alex Schlink
Ranae Andersen, cousin of Donna (Lloyd) Lucht
Forrest Clemmer
Chris Stoehr, friend of Sandy Bartenhagen
Bob & Mais Thompson, friends of Gwen Olson
Faith Flesner, daughter of Brooke and Matt
Doris Rathman
Sam Lee, great nephew of Mark (Shelle) Prairie
Abby Larson, great granddaughter of Sally Peterson
Janice Hedlund
Dick Loscheider, brother of Sherry Bowman

Tom and Carolyn Engquist, upon the death of their friend John Sloan
The family of Ardene Neve, upon her death
The family of Marlene Bierlein, upon her death 

World and Regional Concerns
God our refuge and strength, we pray for peace where there is unrest in the world. May peace prevail in our homes, at work and in all our relationships. We are especially mindful of the people in the Middle East and Ukraine.
We pray for all those neighbors around the world in need of food, clothing, shelter and safety where war, oppression, and famine prevail. May we share our abundance.
We commend to your gracious care and keeping all the men and women of our armed forces and all who serve this country at home and abroad.