COVID Preparedness | Shepherd of the Lake

COVID Preparedness

(Updated April 2021) In the video below, Pastor Dan shares an update regarding in-person worship. Please watch this video announcement for the latest on how we are pivoting in regards to the growing case rate in our community.


Preparedness Plan - Updated April 2021  

(Updated March 2021)


(Updated October 2020) Out of an abundance of love for our neighbors and the members of our congregation, the Shepherd of the Lake building continues to take caution as we navigate Covid-19. Our building remains closed closed for Sunday morning services as we are going to try some small scale services and are allowing small groups/etc. SOLLC Leadership will be following the guidelines linked below. We are also excited about the many new ways we are learning about gathering and being the people of God wherever we meet.


Preparedness Plan - Update September 2021