Letter from the Senior Pastor | Shepherd of the Lake

Letter from the Senior Pastor

Like finding a home that is more than a house, finding a faith community that is more than a church makes life better. A community that welcome you as you are, is willing to learn from you and learn with you, a community that resonates with your soul - that is a precious place to find. I hope that you find that here at Shepherd of the Lake.

We proclaim God's abundant love and grace, and join together in God's work of love in the world. We are a community focused on the life that Jesus invites all people into - a life centered on loving God and loving people. We try to keep it simple. God's story is lifted up in all of its complexity, and everyone is invited to find their place in God's story, because everyone has a place in God's story. Each of us are a created and gifted one-of-a-kind individual, built for community and wired for a generous, compassionate life. 

This is a place that welcomes your unique set of gifts and passions, and invites your questions and insights about God. We practice a generous orthodoxy, and believe that it is not helpful to sit in judgement on our neighbors. We find our identity and our ministry through the waters of baptism, and join in Jesus' work of compassion and grace as we reach out to serve the needs of our neighbors here in Scott County and around the world. 

You will find that science and faith are in conversation here, and that diversity is seen as a thing of beauty, not a source of division. When we say all are welcome, we mean it - event if we are a bit imperfect in the expression of our love (we are human, after all) we do try to love well.

WE do not have all of this figured out - we welcome you to come and help us discover how to live more like Jesus, see God at work everywhere, experience community and serve our neighbors out of gratitude and joy. Regardless of what your level of spirituality or commitment to a church community is, or has been in the past, we invite you to dip your toe in a little bit or dive right in - we would be richer to have you as part of this community.

Once again, thank you for checking out this beautiful, not-at-all perfect community. Please drop me a line or shake my hand on a Sunday. I would be grateful to meet you!


Pastor Dan Poffenberger