MBC - Blood Drive

SOLLC Hosts Blood Drive
2019 Dates:
Sunday, January 27
Sunday, May 5
Sunday, September 22
Sunday, November 17

Your blood donation can make a difference.

Contact Karen at kmvonguten@gmail.com - 952-440-1228 (home) - 612-242-3366 (cell)
to register to donate or with any questions.

You can save lives in 3 ways by donating blood through Memorial (platelets, red blood cells, and plasma). Donate blood conveniently on a Sunday morning 4x a year at SOLLC.

Shepherd of the Lake - History of Partnership with Memorial Blood Center (MBC)
Since April 2004, SOLLC has sponsored a Blood Drive through the Memorial Blood Center. Presently we host an MBC Blood Drive quarterly. The Blood Drive at SOLLC has collected 1037 units of blood through the 46 drives we have had. If you were to multiple that 1037 by 3 (components) we potentially have saved the lives of 3111 individuals. That is an AWESOME number!!

Please consider sharing the vital gift of life - BLOOD - by donating blood at the SOLLC Blood Drive. 

It’s Easy to be a Life Saver!