Feed My Starving Children

Shepherd of the Lake in partnership with McKenna Crossing and the River Valley YMCA are teaming up to pack 200,000 meals to feed hungry children around the world on April 10th & 13th!

Our Goal is to raise $50,000 - your help and support is greatly appreciated.

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Every year we help organize, fundraise, and pack hundreds of thousands of bags with vitamins, rice, veggies, and soy in a large-scale effort to provide kids all over the world with these specially designed, nutritious, much-needed meals. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a local, Christian, non-profit with far-reaching impact. The food they provide helps make whole communities become sustainable, as they meet basic needs, and people are able to spend their time and energy establishing their livelihoods instead of begging or searching for food. FMSC makes this awesome, hands-on experience possible for us as a church, and survival possible for people everywhere from Haiti, to Zimbabwe, to North Korea and beyond!

You can get in on the packing fun (and bring a group of your friends!), become a trained volunteer to guide others, reach out to businesses and individuals to raise the necessary funds for the event, join the Event Planning Team, or assist with childcare - and there are still other ways to help, too!

Opportunities to Get Involved Include:

  • Volunteer to pack with friends/neighbors/family/businesses/etc.
  • Become a trained volunteer to guide others
  • Donate
  • Join the SOLLC Planning Team
  • Provide child care or a hot meal for FMSC Staff

Contact Pastor Rebecca Gamble for more information or to Get Involved.

Donate: You can help by designating "Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)" on your checks, offering envelopes or online giving.

Learn More at: www.fmsc.org