Funeral FAQs


  • What does a funeral include and cost?
    Funeral accommodations include clergy honorarium, musician, AV tech, custodial, luncheon coordinator, bulletins, and building site fee. The total for this is $1,150 when a Funeral Home is planning with the family and $1,250 when no Funeral Home is used.  Soloists/Cantors are also available for an additional $100 honorarium.  Cost of food, for a luncheon, is an additional cost of $3 to $4 per person.

  • Are clergy available for off-site funerals? 
    Yes for a $250 honorarium, please call 952-230-2988 for more information.

  • Do I need to be a member to have my funeral at Shepherd of the Lake?

  • How many attendees can Shepherd of the Lake seat?
    Up to 1,000 people

  • Can I plan for my funeral now?
    Yes! Many families are grateful when the preferences and desires of their loved ones are known and can be honored upon their death. You can start preparing with loved ones now using the Funeral Planning Guide below.