Living Water Guides and Guide References


Whether you are a new or returning guide, please watch our Guide Training Video prior to your first interaction with our Living Water participants. 

 Living Water Guide Training Video


Guide Sheets are tools to assist LW leaders in navigating faith conversations and lessons to their small group. These lessons have been developed to engage multiple learning styles. Guide Sheets can be reviewed and printed before your night to guide, however, they are also provided in your guide binder at SOLLC when you arrive.

How to use these: The first page for all learning levels is for you as a leader to have an understand on the lesson and what kids might be thinking about when it comes to this topic. The next two pages are for leading. There is an icebreaker which will help your kids engage in a fun way with the lesson they will be learning. Then follow-up questions to the video your grade has already watched. Next, dig into the scriptures and have some follow-up questions. Activities are after the scripture reading and they assist youth in thinking about God in a new way. Finally, close your night as a group in prayer.

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We have created a SIGNUP GENIUS for every group.  Guides can sign up to lead each night.  To access your sign up genius, click the button below, search for signups created by and then scroll through the list of signups to find your group.  Please make sure you are signing up for your child's group.  Remember that we have boys and girls groups.  Example 5B01 = Grade 5, Boys, Group 01 or 5G01= Grade 5, Girls, Group 01.  

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Living Water Guide Sheets for the 2019/20 School Year:


8th Grade