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Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Table.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, we will meet you there with...Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Table.

Re: Summer 2019

Re-create Re-Center Re-connect Re-consider

Science & Faith

How can we, as Christians, now live and share God’s significance in a world that is encountering the realities of incurable diseases, genome engineering breakthroughs, energy crises, expanding cosmological insights, and other scientific wonders?

Holy Week and Easter

Journey with us from Palm Sunday to the empty tomb on Easter!

Lent: Darkness & Light

Lent is a period of time that reflects Jesus’ time in the wilderness. For contemporary worshippers, Lent is an opportunity to invest time in spiritual practices that allow for self-reflection and a refocusing on new life...


You are unlike anyone else in this world. One of a kind. Distinct. Unrepeated. Exclusive. Rare. But in one way, you’re just like everyone else...created in the image of God. What does it mean to be a reflection of the Divine?


Jesus promises to be in our “midst”, and our relationships are the places where our faith is practiced and lived out.


New Year’s resolutions? We can do better than that – we can live a life that matters every day of the year....

Fear, Hope, Promise

The Advent stories are full of high emotion: interactions of fear, God’s promises and hope.

You Belong Here

What does it mean to belong together at Shepherd of the Lake? How can each one of us join in our common mission, build an authentic community, and serve our neighbors well?


Our culture embraces all sorts of unhelpful divisions, bad perspectives, and unhealthy communication. How can we look to the teachings of Jesus to help us be more helpful citizens, neighbors, and friends?


What happens when we gather as a community to worship God? How is God present to us during these times in a different way than when we are on our own? What should we offer God during these gatherings? And what does God offer us?