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What happens when we gather as a community to worship God? How is God present to us during these times in a different way than when we are on our own? What should we offer God during these gatherings? And what does God offer us?

Summer Worship at Shepherd of the Lake

This summer, Shepherd of the Lake will be following the Revised Common Lectionary for our worship texts. Worship themes will be developed with familiar Biblical stories as their anchor, and the weekly messages will be stand-alone messages...

Resurrection: Now What?

This series will explore what it means to live in a time of the Risen Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Stories of community, questions, struggle, and mission. It is based on the texts of the narrative lectionary.

Jesus and the Upside Down

This Lent the theme for our Sunday services will be "Jesus and the Upside Down."

Whats your story

What's my story? And what story do I want to write in 2018?

The Life Generosity

Our life is an offering - we can be generous, and gratitude leads to fulfillment.

The Life Gratitude

Life is a gift. All of it. We live out of gratitude, and gratitude leads to fulfillment and joy.

The Life Calling

We are baptized into mission - given vocations that are part of Gods work in the world.

The Life Giftedness

Every person has a unique set of gifts, talents, skills - they are to be celebrated and shared for the sake of our neighbor and to the glory of God.

The Life Community

We can experience community with God and with our neighbor.

All You Need for the Journey

This summer, we are taking a look at what we bring with us on our faith journey.

Living on a Prayer

Ever wish that life came with an instruction manual? While we may not have a manual for what to do in this life, we do have one for how to get through it!