Meet the Teachers

Teacher Testimonials 

"There is nothing better than being in the classroom and watching the kids learn and grow in so many ways.  And, the best part is that the children know that they are a Beloved Child of God!"
-Jessie Carney 

"It's so exciting watching the children develop friendships, confidence in their own skills and grow in their love for Jesus!  As a former parent of the program and a teacher for the past 22 years, I can't think of a better place to begin a child's education than at Shepherd's Flock Preschool."
-Kay Dunning 

"I love watching “our kiddos” flourish & blossom as they learn & grow at Shepherd’s Flock".
-Carrie Mikolyzk 


Ann Janisch

Preschool Director (Class - MWF 9:10)

Dawn Flasher

Assistant Director & Full Day Preschool Coordinator

Amy Barnett

Preschool Teacher (Classes - MWF 9:10 & MWF 12:20)

Jessie Carney

Preschool Teacher (Classes - T/Th 9, Enrichment, Fab 5 (rotating schedule))

Kay Dunning

Preschool Teacher (Classes - MWF 9 & Fab 5)

Emily Hannah

Preschool Teacher (Classes - MWF 9 & Fab 5)

Jen Lea

Preschool Teacher (Class - MTWTH Teacher)

Carrie Mikolyzk

Preschool Teacher (Classes - T/Th 9 & Lunch Bunch Coordinator)

Kelly Stavedahl

Preschool Teacher (Classes - T/Th 9, MWF 12:20, Enrichment, Movin' & Grovin')

Alyssa St. Martin

Preschool Teacher (Class - T/TH 9:10)