Shepherd's Path Community Garden

Welcome to the Shepherd’s Path Community Garden located in Horkey Park off County Road 42 and Shepherd’s Path Road.

Originally established in 2009 as a way for people to grow their own food economically during the recession, the garden has been relocated and plots are available to rent. 

In 2017, 40 10X25 plots and eight raised garden beds were available to rent and all gardens are now flourishing with produce. 

The 2018 garden rules, plot map and application are attached. 

Questions related to the garden can be directed to Katy Hallberg (contact info. below)

Katy Hallberg        952-447-3101     C: 952-334-1995         katyhallberg@integra.net
Charles Wangerin 952-447-1884     C: 952-693-1372         lcwangerin@integra.net