New to SOLLC, “No Horsin’ Around” seemed like a perfect way to get involved.  For somewhat selfish reasons – an easy stop on the way home from work – we immediately wanted to learn more about this volunteer mission.  Following an online signup, we arrived on site at the Canterbury Chapel where we were warmly welcomed by other volunteers and briefed on how the evening would proceed.  We were intrigued by the  chance of a behind-the-scenes tour - seeing the horses and stables, and meeting the hard working stable hands, farriers, vets and jockeys.  Our group then returned to the chapel to share in a time of worship and assist in serving a meal. Given the opportunity to mingle with the workers gave us insight into exactly how much pride these dedicated hearts take in their work, their animals and their God.  Not only do their work days begin well before dawn, but the individuals and families alike are willing to relocate for months at a time during the racing season.  As with all volunteer opportunities, what started as an easy avenue for us to give back, turned into an exceptionally heart-warming evening. 

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