Iris Johnson is a member of SOLLC and she is also a member of the McKenna Crossings Community.

Serving others is how Iris lives her life. That service comes through music.  

Iris is an accomplished piano player.  She has used the gift God gave her for most of her life.  When her children were in Sunday school, the pastor asked her to be the new Sunday school superintendent.  She did that for fifty years.  Music was a big part the churches Sunday school program. 

Iris comes from the township of Mahtowa, Minnesota.  Iris and her husband raised five plus children in the small town between Moose Lake and Cloquet. 

Iris moved to McKenna Crossing around three years ago after her husband had died and all her children had moved to this area.  Iris did not know about Shepherd’s Path until her son and daughter-in-law had visited SOLLC.  As her family visited SOLLC, they found McKenna Crossing literally connected to the church.  They found a new home for Iris to live.   It was no accident, according to Iris.   Iris describes McKenna “a little place of heaven on earth.”  She now has a wonderful home and church all in one location. 

When Iris’s husband was living a nursing home in Cloquet, Iris played the piano for the chaplain at the care center.  She now plays the piano alongside of Pastor Karen Treat for the three services held at McKenna. 

One of the worship services includes going to the memory care unit.

“When I am in the memory care unit, I feel so much love for the residents.  The music I play prior to the worship service on Thursday is so magical to watch.  They come out from their rooms and from their tables to be near the piano as I play.  You can feel the joy that music brings to everyone.”

SOLLC has been a wonderful place to call her church home since moving to Prior Lake.  She feels God’s presence when she come to service on Sundays.  And coming from a small church, Iris finds her church fellowship at the monthly women’s Bible study.   Iris knows where all her blessings in life come from.  To God, Iris is thankful.  

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