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Hi, I’m Kelly Larson. I’m a “small-town girl” from Hamburg, MN. I was raised in a Lutheran church, and I began my yoga journey in 2008. I tried yoga strictly for the touted physical benefits of increased strength and flexibility. While I was never what one might call fitness-minded, I found myself continually being drawn back to yoga. Not only did I notice increased strength, flexibility and body awareness, I also experienced an emotional calm and spiritual connection that surprised me. I realized that when I practiced being 'fully present' on my yoga mat, the world fell away and I felt God’s presence with an intensity I had never experienced before along with an extreme sense of gratitude.

I strongly believe that when the clutter of the mind falls away, and we step away from the distractions in life, THAT is when we truly sense God's presence. When we become still in body and mind, that is when we know He is God. Yoga became that place of stillness and awareness.

In 2009, I partnered with 2 other local women, Jenn Holm and Wendy Waibel, to open Yoga 4 You in Savage in an effort to share what I experienced with others. While the studio offers a wide variety of secular classes, I also teach Christian yoga at the studio on a weekly basis. I have been a member of Shepherd of the Lake for several years, and I feel very blessed and grateful to be able to share my gentle Christian yoga classes with my faith community in a series of classes I teach at Shepherd of the Lake throughout the year.

We all have our own paths to follow and our own ways to connect to Our Father. I hope that these classes may be yet another way for you to experience His peace, love and grace.

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