Rhiannon Johnson Shares | Shepherd of the Lake
A little over 10 years ago, we came to Shepherd of the Lake as a growing family. I love that this place is my kids' second home. Between the YMCA, Shepherd's Flock Preschool and various children's ministries, they know so many people here. They feel connected. And while it took a little more time for my husband and me (us adults could learn a lot from kids about just jumping in), I feel connected here too. I've made friends from all generations. I've gotten involved in things I'm passionate about, like the new website, and continuing to build successful CYF ministries.
I believe church is what you make of it. When we first came here, we wanted anonymity (because let's face it, with two kids under three, our attendance was sporadic at best). But I've learned that God led me here, and the more I engage in this community and in my faith, the more I get from it.  I'm excited that SOLLC is offering so many new opportunities for people to connect. God is at work here!

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