In the early 1980’s I was living in Richfield and was a member at Westminister Presbyterian Church in downtown Minneapolis.  While attending there I became unemployed and this went on for over a year.  During that time the church was very supporting and kept me busy volunteering.  I was a part of starting a job transition support group.  I remembered during my initiation they emphasized they had a huge endowment fund from people who had left money for them in their will and encouraged me to do it.  There was no way I could financially thank them for all they did for me so when I made a Will they were included along with MPR , Minnesota Orchestra,  and my brothers children. 

About 10 years ago, my niece was killed in a car accident, I was dragging my feet on updating the Will to make sure her children would take her place in my Will.    In October I had surgery on my Neck.  While I was in recovery at home I received a visit from Joshua Lindgren.  I sang in the choir and Joshua is my friend.   Many friends came to visit and helped but he asked me if I would mind a visit from Pastor Rebecca Gamble.  She came about a week later offering friendship and communion. While there she told me she had just come from a lady with what sounded like a terminal illness.  This is how I pictured what would be required to have a visit from such a large church.  All you need to do is read the Prayer list to know how much of this type of thing is going on.  I thought this was above and beyond the call of duty and was very touched by both her and Joshua’s visit.  I started to think about all the other good things happening at our church; Living Water, trips to Guatemala, the list goes on and on.  I feel it was God motivating me to update my Will.  Westminister has been around for 150 years and I have no doubt still a wonderful Church, but it has been so long since I attended there.  During the over 10 years I have been a member here, Shepard of the Lake has had a lot of tough blows.  I have no doubt the need here is far greater.  Whatever I have left, I would like the church to have a part of.  I updated my Will last February and the church is now in my Will.   God Bless Shepard of the lake.

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