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The Story Continues

Spring/Summer 2023 Magazine

Welcome to Telling Our Story!

During Lent, we are focusing on the Story of Jesus. After Easter, we will switch to focus on the Story of the Spirit. We invite you to discover the ways that your story is part of God’s story as we dig into the life and witness of Jesus and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

What we know about the story of anyone living in Minnesota is that this magazine is most likely landing in your hands when actual spring feels really far away. Or maybe it’s one of those rare warm and sunny late-winter days and you’re wearing shorts (in 50 degree weather, like a true Minnesotan). Sometimes the stories of our lives and the seasons of our hearts feel as unpredictable and varied as the weather in Minnesota. What we do know as a constant, unchanging and unfailing fact is that God is with us in the midst of all of it, holding us in love. We hope that the stories in these pages will remind you of that.

Spring/Summer 2023 Magazine
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