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The Story

This year, we are exploring the intersection of your story, the story of promise, the story of the Bible, the story of Jesus, and the story of the Spirit – every season offers a different path into these intersecting stories. Perhaps, we will discover tha

Summer 2022

Our worship explores new ways of engaging in community together by celebrating both baptism and communion; combining music and musicians from our 8:30am and 10am services, and exploring creative ways for our youth to participate and lead in worship.

Overflow: Celebrating the Waters of Baptism

In the water of baptism, God promised to be with us every day, every moment of our life. God is with us, in the spaces between us, in our prayers, our thoughts, our songs.

Full to the Brim: Lent & Holy Week

Full to the Brim reminds us to live fully—as we pursue justice and hope, or express grief and gratitude

The Bible is Clear on This

Learn how the word of God is a living, breathing thing that can provide abundant meaning to those who seek.

First Things First

Reflecting on Life, Experiencing God's Fullness

Light of the World: Advent 2021

This Advent we'll explore how the Holy birth shines the light of hope, peace, love, and joy into our lives!


Welcome to our Fall series for 2021! God is always at work, even in the darkest of our days, to renew.

Common People

Throughout history, God has taken ordinary people and done extraordinary things through them. Join us for this series as we explore the lives of people - both from the Bible and the common era - whose stories resonate with our own.

Common Life

The Book of Acts gives us glimpses into the lives of ancient Christians; small snapshots of both major events and daily living. In this series, we reflect on their stories as well as our own. What are the things we share in common? How does God shape our

The Road

Jesus invites us to see our lives as a road we travel with God and others. Together we'll reflect on how we might create room for a faith of openness and acceptance.

Almost New

With every new year comes new opportunities for us to follow after the ideas that God has in store for creation. But what do you do when the “new” doesn’t feel … new?