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We believe that every human life is uniquely blessed by God and the way we celebrate our loved ones upon their passing, as well as where they choose to be laid to rest, is a very personal decision. Shepherd of the Lake offers a beautiful alternative to traditional cemetery burial plots with our Columbarium. 

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a group of small compartments or niches designed to hold the cremated remains (cremains) of loved ones who have died. A columbarium is an alternative to cemetery burial plots. Cremains are placed in one niche with a granite front. Each niche includes an engraved bronze plaque on the exterior with name, birth and death dates. 


An Alternative to Cemetery Burial Plots 

Our ancestors were typically laid to rest in burial grounds adjoining rural churches or in city mega cemeteries. The increasing demand and cost of land have made large cemeteries less accessible, feasible, and affordable. While cremation rates are now approaching 70%, they are expected to top 90% in the near future. A practical alternative for burial has once again become sites adjacent to churches for the cremated remains of congregants and friends of the church. Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church is proud to offer Shepherd’s Path Memorial Columbarium as an alternative, covering our congregation throughout life and beyond. 

Have questions about our Columbarium? Please call the church office at 952-230-2988 or contact us online.

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