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Music & Arts Ministry

Music is a very big part of our community and is beautifully woven throughout almost every ministry we offer. Music has the ability to heal, invigorate, and create peace, and has a special way of bringing us closer to our faith and strengthening our bonds as humans.

When we make music together at Shepherd of the Lake, we build strong bonds of fellowship, continue growing and learning new skills, and have the opportunity to share our learned skills with the community both in and outside of worship on Sundays. We have a variety of ways for people to participate in music, no matter the level of experience, whether it's singing in a choir, ringing the bells, rocking out with the band, or taking music lessons.

If you are interested in joining any of our music ministries, please click on the links below to learn more/sign-up!

With each one of these opportunities, we remember that music is a gift from God to be celebrated and cherished.

Music Note Tree
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