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Become a Member

You're on your way to becoming the newest member(s) of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church! WELCOME! We're truly glad that you are here. 

Pastor Dan shares the values that guide our congregation's life and ministry, and welcomes you to the community!

Dan Poffenberger, Lead Pastor

Membership Expectations

What does Shepherd of the Lake expect from me?
First, here's what we want FOR you:

We want for you to know that you're loved, just as you are.
We want for you to experience the joy of being connected to a supportive faith community.
We want for you to recognized God's presence in your daily life.
We want for you to experience spiritual growth.
We want for you to discover the gifts God has given for you service to the world.

Because we want these things for you, here's what we will ask from you:

  • Worship when you are able. Come, hear God's word and be fed at God's table. Be reminded that you are beloved. Join your voice with the voices of others as we pray and sing together. Introduce yourself to someone you haven't met yet sitting near you in worship or in line for the donuts. On weeks when you can't be here, you can listen to the sermons and our Echo podcast online.

  • Try something new. Say yes to one Learning Opportunity, Small Group, Outreach/Service Opportunity, or Volunteer Opportunity (Sunday morning hospitality, ushering, serving communion, setting up donuts, etc.) Try something you love, or try something new as an experiment. If you love it -- fantastic! If it's not for you, try something else! Also, you can contact any of of the ministry leaders with ideas for new ministries you'd like to start. We welcome your ideas and your leadership!

  • Contact us. Shepherd of the Lake is not a building - it's a group of people committed to supporting one another as we follow Jesus together, to the best of our ability, for the sake of ourselves, our communities, and the whole world. Please share your ideas and feedback with us directly, and let us know when you need support. Our pastors, staff, and care ministers are here for you. You don't have to have to go through difficult times alone. God is with you, and we will be too. Please let us know when and how we can pray for you, and when you would like us to visit you in the hospital or at home.

  • Think about stewardship -- and then DO it. Stewardship is about how we faithfully share our lives with one another and with God. It's service, money, imagination, questions, and faithful nudging that we all do in the name of encouraging one another as followers of Jesus. We strive to keep stewardship conversations grounded more deeply in our faith and shared values than in our annual budget. No matter what, we ask that you give to this congregation -- in curiosity, time, wonder, holy troublemaking, and financial giving -- in a way that is signifiant to you and your household.

Membership Form
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Next Steps
Hooray! You're now a member of Shepherd of the Lake, and we're better because of it. The email addresses you provided will be added to our system so you will start to receive congregational emails. We will contact you with dates and details for the next New Member Welcome Sunday.