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Become a Member


If you are looking to deepen your commitment to our mission, consider becoming a member of Shepherd of the Lake. Membership is not required to worship with us or be involved here.   

Becoming a member can strengthen your faith, your connections and your understanding of all of the amazing programs, people, and outreach opportunities we have to offer.  

Steps to Membership 

  1. Watch this video from Pastor Dan (see below)

  2. Fill out this short New Member Form 

  3. Attend a 1 hour new member meeting (on-campus or virtual) where you will get an overview of all Shepherd of the Lake has to offer, including community life opportunities and a campus tour.  

  4. Worship, connect, and enjoy! 

At any point in this process, feel free to contact with any questions you may have. 

We hope you find a home here with us.