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Prayer List & Request

Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church offers a variety of ways for its members to come together in prayer and support one another. Through our prayer list, our community can pray for others and submit their own requests for prayer or care.

Praying Hands

Peace Prayer for March 2024

Dear Lord, God of Love
You created us and call us
To live as brothers and sisters.
Give us the strength daily
To be  champions of peace.
Make us sensitive to the pleas
Of all who entreat us
To turn weapons of war
Into instruments of peace.
—-In your name, Amen
—-Pope Francis


Prayers for Healing & Support

Brad and Ken Eells
Lucy Wolstenholm, granddaughter of Shirley Wolstenholm

Shirley Wolstenholm
Addilyn Daniel
Judeen Kjeldahl
Linda Anderson
Larry and LaVonne Robitschek, parents of Rex Robitschek 
Larry Zielke
Shepherd's Flock Preschool parent
Jennifer Fischer

Nicole Marschall, friend of Jane Hansen

Rev. Dean Peterson, father-in-law of Pastor Jonathan Rundman

Anya Yaedke

John Horan

Helen Peter

Linda Sworta

Kim Brovold, sister of Tami Nelson

James Fowler, daughter of Marissa Hagan

Stacy Whitemore Jadin, friend of Robert Wetherille

Reese Hanson, granddaughter of Ed and Becky Hanson

Pastor Laila Barr

Betty Peterson, niece of Sue Galazen

Erica Haugen, daughter of Cory & Tony Haugen 
Leah Voehl
Chaplain Larry Woods, McKenna Hospice
Jayme Zylstra
Annabelle, Stacy Boyer's Niece
Karen and Girard Christopher
Mike and Jessica McCann, daughter and son-in-law of Alice Handrich
Richard Burke
Wayne and Nancy Hagen, parents of Kris Hagen Thofson
Fritz Ehlers

Rick J Edel II, son-in-law of Kathy Bergan

Brooke Whaylen

Willard Prahm

Ellie Dahl

Grace Rull

Terryl Pokorny, friend of Jane Hansen

Peter Obermeyer, friend of Jane Hansen

Shawn Manisto, friend of Ken and Kari Unruh

Marilyn Anderson

Scott Renne, family friend of Sherrie Consoer

Joan Olsen

Prayers for Comfort

Family and friends of Ken Kraft, upon his passing

John Holt, his wife and daughter, Kari and Maren, upon the passing of Kari's father

Family and friends of Ken and Kari Unruh, upon the passing of Ken's father

Family and friends of Brad Bulver, upon his passing

Family and friends of Laquita Erickson, upon her passing

Family and friends of Donald Baden, upon his passing


Prayer Request Form Submitted

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