Prayer Care List | Shepherd of the Lake

Prayer Care List

Healing & Support
Jacki Whyte, friend of Cindee Forby
Mary Goodell-Mahlum
Joan Olsen
Brad and Ken Eells
Lucy Wolstenholm, granddaughter of Shirley Wolstenholm
Jim and Arlyne Rothschiller
Alyson Swanson, friend of Pastor Laila's
Nancy Schlink
Connie Witt, friend of Tom and Ann Klotz
Stacy Thofson, sister-in-law to Duane and Kris Thofson
Austin Smith
Ted Hansen and family
Judy Ryan, sister of Tom and Alice Handrich
Angie Sullivan, friend of Katy and Bill Hallberg
Addilyn Daniel
Richard Le Clerc
Chuck Solseth
Dave Loftness
Chuck and Sally
Judeen and Jerry Kjeldahl
Linda Anderson
Terri Spicka, daughter of Tom and Alice Handrich
Beth Thorp, daughter of Tom and Alice Handrich
Kristine Johnson, cousin of Carolyn and Tom Engquist
Taylor Wermerskirchen, cousin of Tom and Ann Klotz
Len Collett, Paula Tetzloff's brother-in-law
Marta Hrybachova, Olga Polyhach, their family, friends, and people of Ukraine
Eric Peltz
Mike Wilder
Cliff Volkmann, father of Patti Kent
Megan DeMeuse, daughter of Kristy Pecks
Jim Beaudette, Shawn Beaudette's dad
Bodie Alan, Patty and John Matthews' grandson
Debi Henry
Diane Bjorgan
Ellie and Paul Mielke
Rita Horkey
Larry and LaVonne Robitschek
Deb Hoger
Reese Treat
Ken Hoeg
Artis Kjar
Hannah Smith
Tom Finn

Debb Skare and family upon the passing of Randy Skare
John Miller and family upon the passing of John's wife Marilyn
Renee Clark and family upon the passing of Renee's daughter Danielle
Paula Tetzloff upon the passing of her brother-in-law Len Collett
Kim and Nancy Loftsgaarden, friends and family upon the passing of their son Bill

Please join us in the Peace Prayer for August 2022

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe
 and in the smallest of your creatures.
You embrace with your tenderness all that exists.
Pour out upon us the power of your love
That we may protect the life and beauty of the earth.
Fill us with peace that we may live
 as brothers  and sisters, harming no one.

—-Pope Francis, A Prayer for our Earth