Prayer Care List

Healing & Support
Jacki Whyte, friend of Cindee Forby
Mike Corgiat
Steph Bagge
Bruce Clausen, friend of Tom and Ann Klotz
Jayden, partner of Carolyn Engquist's nephew

Bob and BJ Reifsnyder
, parents of Dawn Mestry
Nancy, niece of Carolyn Engquist
Ruth Hansen, sister-in-law of Jane and Ted Hansen
Carol and Rev. Kert Lauterbach, parents of Joel Lauterbach
Bill Skallerud, son-in-law of Paula Tetzloff​​​​​​
Annalise Gulstad
McKenna Residents, Caregivers, and Leadership during this COVID-19 pandemic
Diane Bjorgan
Quin, grandson of John and Paula Tetzloff
Mary Goodell-Mahlum
Jamie Gits, granddaughter of good friends of Jane and Ted Hansen
Gary Hasch

Karen Wisti and family, upon the death of Jacob (Jack) Wisti
Family and Friends of Linda Fleming, upon her death
Mae Larson and family, upon the death of Mae's husband, Alton
Ed and Karen Treat and family, upon the death of Ed's father, Don Treat
Mary Lindstrom and family, upon the death of William Lindstrom
Mary McKenna and family, upon the passing of her mother and brother

Please join us in this Peace Prayer for August:

Dear Lord,
When my heart is overwhelmed,
Overwhelm me with your peace.
Lead me to you, guide me to your word,
  which gives me strength and purpose.
Draw me to you,
And help me to reach out to others.
Let me take my “overwhelmed”
And place it under your will.
Thank you Lord in Jesus’ name,

—-adapted from Lysa Terkeurst

World and Regional Concerns
God of peace, of justice, of love, You are good beyond all that is good. 
Invite all of humanity to experience your kingdom more fully - even now, even here.
To find it among your imperfect people and in unlikely places and times. In suffering as fully as in joy, for this is how you choose to come and be and live; WITH US in our actual living of messy lives. 
Lord, You are the strength of the weary.

Heal the dissensions which divide us from one another and from ourselves. We pray for peace in communities near and far, peace in our hearts, peace among the wondrous diversity of people you have made, peace between countries, between religions, between ideologies, and regions. We pray for the presence of your surpassing peace in each mind, and it's comfort and compassion felt in each life. Bring vitality and healing to those whose health and safety have been threatened, especially by the Zika virus, earthquakes, drought, storms, contaminated water supplies, homelessness, hopelessness, and trauma. 

Fill us each with active and holy compassion for ALL your people, and make us mindful of those WE harm with our choices, willful blindness, and apathy. May your grace, love, and hope be made known, and lived-out in us more fully, so that EACH may taste the sweet goodness you give so freely to all!